About Us

With the right people, anything is possible…

It is said that the birth of greatness lies in a simple thought – one too great to remain confined to the realm of possibility – and thus is born.  A simple idea to pioneer recruitment in South Africa has transcended into the legacy that is ARC – born with a vision to alter talent acquisition indefinitely.

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What we do

Excellence, disruption, and honesty form part of our very DNA – the cornerstone upon which our service evolves to guarantee our clients and candidates retain their competitive edge in an ever-changing world.

Our passion, vibrancy and calling to revolutionize the recruitment industry have culminated in over two decades of service experience and the ability to deliver on the incomparable solutions we offer to both client and candidate alike.

Our passion for excellence and honesty consistently finds top-tier candidates trusting us to guide them on their career paths, ensuring that each candidate whose life we touch redefines their journey and leaves a legacy of greatness. Disruption courses through our veins as it does within each client that we partner with; aligning our vision to theirs and ensuring their organizations are equipped with like-minded individuals whose destiny is to push the boundaries of excellence and to deliver on greatness.

  • “We’re here to put a dent into the universe. Otherwise, why are we even here?”

    Steve Jobs

At ARC these are not merely wise words but rather a mindset that we live by in each breath we take. As we change the universes of more valued clients and candidates each day, the only question that remains is when will you join us in your pursuit of securing excellence and greatness?